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Pontiac Power Window Motor

The Pontiac Power Window Motor uses electrical current to move the glass portion of the window up and down. On past models the power window motor was considered a luxury item, but on the last models made by Pontiac it was standard equipment.

There is a separate power window motor for each door window on your vehicle. Each one works independently from the others. There is a master switch on the driver's door of the Pontiac that can control each of the power window motors and an individual one on each door panel so the passengers can roll their windows up and down.

The malfunctioning of the power window motors is directly related to how often it is used by the occupants of the vehicle. This is why the most often failing motor is the one connected to the driver's door window. If one of the other Pontiac power window motors is suspected of failing, then the switch on the driver's door can be used to verify this. When the driver's widow fails to move, a switch from one of the other doors has to be pulled and connected to the driver's door to check and see if the faulty component is the switch or the electrical motor.

When the power window motor fails on your Pontiac, the changing of it requires the glass portion of the window to be raised to its upper most position then braced. This allows for the old motor to be pulled and prevents the glass from coming down when it is disconnected. Then the new component can be put into place and tested. This testing should be down before the inner door panel is put back in place just in case any minor adjustments are required for the window to roll up and down smoothly have to be made.

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