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Chevrolet Window Regulator

The Chevrolet window regulator is the assembly in the door of your car or truck that makes it possible for the glass to move up and down. This component has been in existence since the early 20th century and is now standard equipment on all cars made today.

For those Chevrolet owners with power windows, a problem with their window regulator is evident when the switch is activated and the window motor can be heard moving but the glass is not going up or down. The actual problem can be any number of components in the window regulator. It can be the sprocket wheel, the cable, or pulley assembly that is faulty. The door panel must be removed to diagnose the exact problem.

The changing of the Chevrolet window regulator can be accomplished by the owner of the vehicle with a few precautions taken. Since this is an electrical component of your Chevrolet, the battery should be disconnected. The window should also be put in the upper most position and kept there by a block of wood or other device to keep it from coming down. If a second person is helping you, they can hold the window in place as long as they have a firm grip on it. Once both of these steps are taken the old window regulator and all of its components can be safely removed and replaced with the new one.

Select Your ModelAfter the new window regulator is put into place and the obstruction that prevented the window from coming down is removed, the battery can be reattached to the system. Before the inner door panel is put into place, the Chevrolet owner should test the movement of the window to make sure their repair has fixed the problem.

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