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Dodge Window Regulator

The Dodge window regulator is the auto part that provides the means for which the glass portion of your window can go up and down in a controlled fashion. Each door on your Dodge has a separate window regulator which must be functioning or the glass will not be able to be moved by the occupants of the vehicle.

The window regulator in your Dodge is behind the inner door panel. This auto part generally lasts the life time of the vehicle, but can become rusted over time if the outer seal of the window permits water to leak in. If a passenger attempts to roll down the window by hand or with the electrical assistance of power windows, the glass portion may appear to be stuck in place. Excessive power to force the glass down will only result in breaking it and should not be done. The problem is with the Dodge window regulator and the removal of the inner door panel must be done to locate the exact problem.

If the window regulator is the problem then replacement is warranted. This auto part has many different components that could fail. This includes the bars, levers and slides that the glass is mounted into, as well as cables and pulleys. To replace this part, the glass portion must be disconnected and placed in the upper most position. This will allow the owner or technician room to access the entire window regulator so replacement is possible.

Select Your ModelOnce in place the glass portion of the window must be reattached and the up and down motion of the window should be tested so final adjustments can be made on your Dodge. Then the inner door panel can be put into place and your window is ready to function is expected.

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