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Ford Window Regulator

The part that makes your door window glass move up and down in a controlled fashion is the Ford window regulator. This component has many different moving and stationary parts that all must work together for the glass to smoothly move vertically.

The window regulator is located inside of the door shell covered by your door panel. Most Ford owners do not even care that this auto part is there or acknowledge its existence until the glass portion of the window does not move up or down when they need it too. When this occurs, the window motor or switch for the power windows are the first suspects. If the glass portion of the window is jammed and won't move, then the window regulator should become the key suspect in this malfunctioning window.

Access to the window regulator on all Ford vehicles is done with the removal of the inner door panel. To gain physical access to most of its components, the window glass must be disconnected and carefully moved to the upper most position in the door. Once there it has to either be held in place by an assistant or braced in place.

Select Your ModelOnce access to the Ford window regulator is accomplished, either part or the entire component can be disconnected and replaced. This is only necessary when there is a broken or malfunctioning part in the window regulator assembly. This is generally not a component on your Ford vehicle that will just wear out over time. Replacement is generally only required when water has seeped into the inner door and rust has accumulated on the metal components of this auto part. This generally is only found on older and not used vehicles that have been parked for a considerable amount of time.

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