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GMC Window Regulator

A faulty GMC window regulator will not affect the performance of your truck; it will just be an inconvenience to the driver or passenger. This is the truck component that makes it possible for the window glass to move up and down.

The window regulator is located in the door, and is mostly unseen by the occupants of the GMC truck unless the inner door panel is removed. There are many different components on this device that can fail or cause the window to jam. Because of that, any problem should be identified and properly diagnosed before the window glass is allowed to move. In fact, it should be prevented from moving until your regulator is fixed. Neglecting this could result in the glass breaking and possibly causing an injury.

Problems with the window regulator on a GMC truck are often times caused by a water leak in the door panel. This moisture will rust out the metal components of the window regulator causing it not to be able to function properly. It is possible to oil this component but in time replacement will be the only permanent solution for the truck owner.

Select Your ModelThe replacement of the GMC window regulator can only be accomplished with the window glass in the upper most position. Before it is disconnected, the glass should be braced so it will not fall down injuring the technician. Once this is done the window regulator can be fully removed and replaced on your GMC truck. Before the inner door panel is put back in place the movement of the window should be tested so any adjustment can be made. This will permit the glass portion of the window to move freely without pinching or jamming while it is moving up and down.

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