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Without a properly working Honda window regulator, the window glass will not be able to move. This is the window component that pushes the glass up and down while keeping it in place as it slides through the guide rails. It remains hidden unless the owner of the Honda removes the inner door panel.

Most Honda window regulators last the lifetime of the vehicle. The only reasons for them to fail are if they become rusted because of a moisture leak in the seals of the door or if the pulley binds and snaps the cable. When this occurs for the owner of a Honda to have a properly functioning window, replacement of window regulator is required.

Because of the electrical components in the door, the battery should be disconnected on your Honda before the replacement of the window regulator occurs. The window glass should also be in the upper most position. This will make it possible to inspect and replace the window regulator with the greatest amount of ease.

Select Your ModelTo remove the window regulator the window glass has to be disconnected. For this reason the glass should be braced in position so it will not slide down in the door and cause an injury to the person making the repair. This is most commonly done with a block of wood. Once all of the hold-down mounts are disconnected, the old one can be removed and the new window regulator can be put into place. Then the glass can be reattached and the wooden block removed. Before the inner door panel is put back into it position, the window should be tested to make sure the glass will be able to move with the smallest amount of friction as possible.

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