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Hyundai Window Regulator

The ability to smoothly move the glass portion of a window up and down is due to the proper functioning of the Hyundai Window Regulator. The window regulator is the portion of the window that most passengers and drivers never see or even know is present until there is a malfunction in it. The only portion that is visible is the glass section.

To gain access to the Hyundai window regulator, the inner door panel must be removed. This will expose the inner workings of the window moving mechanism for inspection. Items to look for on a window regulator that can cause it to malfunction on your Hyundai include rust on the metal rails long with debris that must be obstructing it from moving the glass in the appropriate manner. If rust is present then the seal where the glass enters the metal door should also be inspected for cracks.

To replace the window regulator on a Hyundai requires the glass portion of the window to be in its upper most position. Before the glass is unbolted from the window regulator it has to be held in place. This is generally done with a block of wood so neither the metal door or the glass is damaged by this process. Once the old one is removed, the new one can be put into place and reattached to the glass section of the window. Before the inner door panel is placed back in, the movement of the window up and down should be tested. In most instances, the rails are lightly greased to help make this up and down motion as smooth as possible. If there is any stiffness the correct adjustment should be made so the passengers of the Hyundai will not have any problems when they decide to roll down the windows.

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