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Mercedes-Benz Window Regulator

The Mercedes-Benz window regulator cannot be seen by the driver or passengers of the vehicle. This is a window component that is hidden in the door shell away from the visual appearance of the car. Indications that there is a problem with the window regulator are the inability of a passenger of a Mercedes-Benz to roll or push the window glass up or down.

Most window regulators installed on Mercedes-Benz cars should last the life of the vehicle unless the car is involved in an accident or moisture is allowed to enter the door assembly. When this is the situation, replacement of the window regulator or some of its components will be required in order to move the window glass.

The only way to inspect the Mercedes-Benz window regulator is to remove the inner door panel. For the best inspection, the window glass will have to be placed in the upper most position. If the glass will not move upwards into this position, then it should be disconnected from the window regulator, propped up, and braced into place. This will make it possible for the old and malfunctioning component to be removed and replaced with a new part.

Select Your ModelSince the modern Mercedes-Benz has electrical components in the door panel, the battery should be disconnected before any portion of this repair procedure is undertaken. This will remove the possibility of anyone getting shocked or the shorting out of any of the electrical components during the repair procedure. Once the replacement of the old component is completed, it should be tested before the inner door panel is placed on so any adjustments can be made easily.

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