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Oldsmobile Window Regulator

The ability to move the window glass up and down is made possible by the Oldsmobile window regulator. This has to be a smooth action so the glass will not be pinched or jammed impairing the windows operation.

For most Oldsmobile owners, the replacement of the window regulator will not be necessary. This is a component that tends not to wear out over time from normal everyday usage. Generally, the only problem that will occur is if the seal on the window glass where it goes from the metal body of the door to the open air is damaged in some form. This allows a pathway for moisture to enter the inner door panel. It is this moisture that rusts the metal components of the window regulator causing it to malfunction on your Oldsmobile.

If there is rust on the channels or anywhere on your Oldsmobile window regulator, then lubrication can be applied to help it function temporarily. But replacement is the only way for this auto component to function properly for an extended period of time. To accomplish this task, the window glass has to be raised to the upper most position and braced there. Then the old window regulator can be removed and a new one put in its place. If you have electrical powered windows, make sure the battery is disconnected once the window is in the upper position.

Select Your ModelWhen placing the new window regulator in position on your Oldsmobile, attach the glass section and test the operations of the up and down motion. Do this slowly and carefully so that adjustments can be made if necessary. This will help to prevent the accidental braking of the glass.

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