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Pontiac Window Regulator

With the guidance of the Pontiac window regulator, the window glass can be rolled up and down by the driver and passengers of the vehicle. The window regulator is the mechanical device that activates the movement process of the glass so the passengers in the vehicle can enjoy a breath of fresh air while traveling in your Pontiac.

Most of the window regulators that are placed in the door panels of Pontiac models will last the life time of the vehicle and never need to be replaced. The few reasons why a window regulator would be in need of replacement include the vehicle having been involved in an accident and the existing one was damaged or if moisture has entered the inner door panel for some reason and the metal components have rusted. Either one of these circumstances will lead to damage to the part and impair its ability to function correctly.

Select Your ModelIf you find yourself in need of replacing the Pontiac window regulator, then the procedure is easy for the owner of the vehicle to perform. Once the window glass is in the upper most position, the battery should be disconnected on your Pontiac. Then the window glass should be disconnected and braced into position so it will remain in the upper most section of the door. This will give the technician or the owner ample room to access all of the mounting bolts of the window regulator allowing for it to be removed and the new one put into place. Once everything is hooked up again including the window glass, it should be tested so make sure it will roll down and up with the smallest level of friction possible.

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