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Volkswagen Window Regulator

The smoothness in which the Volkswagen window regulator moves the window glass is how this fragile component on your vehicles can be repositioned without it being broken. This is a body component that should last just as long as your Volkswagen is being driven on the road.

There are two ways the window regulator on your Volkswagen can be damaged. The first is if your vehicle is involved in an accident. The second, and more common, is when the seal where the window glass meets the door frame is ruptured. This permits moisture to enter the interior of the door panel where the window regulator is mounted. This moisture will rust the slides and levers of the Volkswagen window regulator causing it to malfunction over time.

The malfunctioning of the widow regulator will be noticed by either the passengers or the driver of the vehicle when they attempt to roll down or up the window glass. If the glass is being forced with enough pressure being applied against it, the glass could shatter; injuring the occupants of the vehicle. This is not a desirable situation to encounter for anyone including the owner of the vehicle.

Select Your ModelThe only permanent solution is the replacement of the window regulator in the door. Some Volkswagen owners have used sprays and lubricants in the past to remedy this situation, but those solutions are only for the short term. Rust does not just disappear because the metal is lubricated. In just a few hours the owner of a vehicle can replace the regulator just as long as they can move the window glass up and out of the way so access to the mounting bolts can be made.

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