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The windshield allows you to see ahead while protecting the driver and passengers from the wind and elements. If you noticed cracks or chips, it is important to have part replaced. There may also be distortions or clouding that that pose a safety hazard by making it difficult to see. Replacing it will stop the worries about safety and give you the confidence of clear vision and a fresh looking car. It will also have to be replaced to pass inspection or if you want to sell the car.

After the car was invented, it did not have a windshield because the cars were so slow that one was not needed. For race cars or fast cars, a driver would often wear goggles to prevent debris and wind from going into his eyes. As speeds of consumer cars increased, the need was recognized to place a piece of glass to protect the occupants of the car. The early ones were shaped like monocles, then small two pieces rectangles that could open. Glass technology at the time could not bend the glass so most vehicles had two piece windscreens that bent in a center "V" or were divided by a piece of metal. By the 1950s, most cars had "wrap-around" windshields which meant one, curved piece of glass running the width of the car. This maximized visibility.

Replacing a windshield on a truck or car is an important job that is best handles by professionals. Here are some general instructions for installing one. Be sure to have all the necessary parts before proceeding. As with any glass part, be very careful when handling the windscreen and wear gloves. Detach all the parts that are connected to the glass like the molding and the rear-view mirror. Cover the dash to protect it and the vents. Inspect the rubber weatherstripping, it is a good idea to replace it as well. Use a flat-head screwdriver to separate it from the glass edge. Clean the inside frame. Apply the sealant to the edges and allow it to settle into the frame. Press it in to make sure that it fits tightly.

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